About me

Elisabeth López was born in 1988 in Sabadell (Barcelona). Her passion for art started upon a visit to The Escorial Museum in Madrid when she was just 9.

In 2011, she graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, where she specialized in painting. A few years later, she was awarded a MA in Art Therapy from Metafora Studio Arts Programs (Barcelona). This training shifted the way Elisabeth understood art: she started to focus on the creative process rather than the outcome. 


Elisabeth took her first steps as a professional artist in 2017 in Rome. She also had the privilege of displaying her very own creations at the Fine Arts Academy of Sabadell (Barcelona). Later on, Elisabeth started a tour exhibiting her paintings around Spain.

In 2018, the artist moved to London, where she keeps developing and cultivating her own creative technique. It was when she decided to broaden her horizons and to promote her pictures internationally through London, Rome, Venice, Paris, Atenas, Madrid, Barcelona or New York City.

The essence of her paintings lies in Elisabeth’s ability to express emotions through an unprecedented symbolism. 

Influenced by metaphysical painting and surrealism, sometimes the background and a figure converge in the same plane through a line, which acts as a common thread between the story it represents and the story that the viewer may interpret. She invites the viewer’s eye to create their own story for each of her artworks.


Elisabeth works in a surreal style in which reality is flooded with mystery treats. Looking for a balance between cold and warm colours, it is in this harmony created by light and saturation where the magic of her painting resides.

2022 – MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art) The MEAM Hall, Barcelona (Spain).
2021 – Holy art gallery Realism, London (United Kingdom).
2021 – M. A. D. S Art Gallery Coming out, Milan (Italy).
2021 – Agora Gallery Transcending Passages, New York City (EEUU).
2020 – Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Venice International Art Fair, Venice (Italy).
2020 – Museo de Cuenca Despiertas, Arte e Identidad, Cuenca (Spain).  
2018 – Sala Iberia Caminos de colores, Cuenca (Spain). Solo exhibition.
2017 – Academia de Belles Arts de Sabadell Transformando la realidad, Barcelona (Spain). Solo exhibition.